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Justyn Gorman specialises in aerobatic displays for airshows and special events in the Extra 300L and Vans RV4. Justyn participates many different types of display from private displays at Weddings and RAF family days to the big coastal airshow where crowd numbers exceed 1.2 million. Justyn is fully insured for public airshows and holds one of the most comprehensive civil aviation display authorisations for public displays.

Justyn is also available for specialist aerobatic and advanced flying training.

 About Justyn

Born in Carshalton, Surrey in 1966, Justyn spent many years short circuit motorcycle road racing to British National and European levels. In 1999 Justyn won the formula 400, and 250 production championships, and the time had come to move on and find another sport.

His passion for aviation started as a boy. A simple trial lesson in 2000 was the spark needed and the rest is history. Justyn started flying lessons immediately and gained his licence within 9weeks...Read More...

 Air Displays for Airshows, Weddings and Special Events

Justyn is available for air displays with two very different aerobatic displays in the Vans RV-4 and Extra 300L. The RV-4 is capable of a graceful aerobatic routine that can be set to music. G-BVDI is one of only twenty or so in the UK and is perhaps one of the finest examples in the world today. The Extra 300L is an unlimited level aerobatic design renowned for it's aerobatic capabilities and handling. Justyn performs a unique unlimited level gyroscopic display...Read More...

 Aerobatics Training

Justyn offers a variety of different options for aerobatic training based on his experience flying in competitions and on the display circuit across the UK and Europe. Holding a flying instructors rating, Justyn can offer aerobatic tuition and coaching even if you do not have a licence, but simply want to experience aerobatics from beginners to unlimited!...Read More...

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